Favorite Grocer

In case you didn't see it on twitter (follow us... if you dare! @unprepped ) we're temporarily slowing down production of episodes. For reasons. Maybe we'll talk about it on a future episode. But not this one. This week we talk about stealing chairs, bad episodes of tv, a poop joke, hurricane activities, wild weather, time travel movies, the all new Whole Foods, Mastodon, a meme, reading every tweet, content aggregators, long reads, using graphs to say what you want, (Recorded on August 28, 2017.) Links Star Trek's Code of Honor is possibly the worst episode of the entire show. Lubbock, TX gets really bad dust storms called haboobs. Netflix has a new time-loop movie that Kevin didn't like. But there's an indie one that he does like. @alexandraerin is a fantastic Twitter writer. The Future of Football is a story that can't be explained, but must be read. Kevin recommends these lectures about detecting bullshit. Jesse met Tim Cook.