Stomach Spiders

Did you know that every year you eat 3 spiders in your sleep? But did you know that fact is most likely made up? But did you know that lots of facts are made up? But did you know that Kevin makes up 86% of the things he says at any given point in time? But did you know that any time he makes up a statistic he set 86%? But did you know that the average velocity of an unladen swallow is in direct proportion to it's wingspan? But did you know Shakespeare invented the word eyeball? But did you know that this bit was stolen from Movies with Mikey? But did you know that we'll never get in trouble for stealing it because we will never reach even a fraction of a percent of the audience of that admittedly minor youtube show? But did you know that worrying about obscurity on the internet is one of the worst things to worry about? But did you know that if you scream into a jar and close it fast enough you can release the scream in the face of your enemies? But did you know having too many enemies can dramatically increase your blood pressure? But did you know petting a cat can lower your blood pressure? Where was I going with this? (Recorded on August 14, 2017.) Links Kevin (still) recommends Master of None. (Jesse still hasn't seen it.) Co-creator of Master of None, Alan Yang, also directed Moonlight for JAY-Z. Kevin enjoyed Ali Wong's standup special Baby Cobra. Kevin did not enjoy Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The creator of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, David Gelb, also made the similarly problemed Chef's Table. Go read some creepypastas at r/nosleep, specifically this one. Chris Straub's Scared Yet is a series of creepypasta reviews. Don't think about the peepee poopoo man. Sarah Jeong wrote the ultimate piece on the Google Memo. XKCD explains free speech. Mikey Neumann's latest is about Pan's Labyrinth. Every Frame a Painting's video on the Coen Brother's is incredible. YourMovieSucksDOTorg is Synecdoche, New Yorking-ing their video series on Synecdoche, New York.